Yes you read correctly all horse profile pages are being re done and getting photos updated please be patient  with me during this time as i will also be trying to get 2 building requests done and finishing up my performance and horses in training site (a branch of AMEC) so this may take some time. I did how ever get an admin for the new site so i dont have so much to do around here as it seems like work is never done! so with this said here is the list that is going to be done. Ant it will be done in order. (sorry for the wait on new babies and adult horses)
  • Do the 2 building requests i have (that will be done today) *DONE*
  • Take new photos of all the horses. 
  • Photo shop my competition photos (there are A LOT of them that need to be done so when i get tired of taking photos and building i will work on these in between) i have 2 photos done...
  • Get foals and horses to there new owners *DONE*
  • Work on the new layout of the horses profiles (stud/broodmare/foals and yearlings pages remove horses in training and performance horses) this will take some time (Breeding Section almost done have 4 stallion profiles to go) 
  • Work on the new site (finish horse profiles there and some small things here and there)
  • Work on moving horses and sims around in AMEC (move them to proper lots/worlds) this is about 1/2 way done lol i have moved the horses in training and performance horses to there new wold just need to set them up on lots i moved some horses around the breeding section as well i need to get foals on there lot and yearlings (i have none right now on the main lot)
  • Build a few new facilities for AMEC's move for the performance horses and horses in training *WIP*
  • Make custom Nameplates for all my horses stalls
  • Make custom Nameplate halters for all my horses
So now with all of this said I will have a lot to do over the next few days/week(s). In other news here is a new foundation Arabian mare. I was just going to use her in my new save for seasons but she was toooooo pretty not to add to my Arabian babies =). Her name is Lilly at this point she does not have a show name so anyone have any ideas feel free to share them with me please. (im thinking an Arabic name so ill have to look on the internet haha) vBut she's soooooo pretty and i plan on entering her in 3 halter shows over the next few weeks. Since this mare will be a performance only mare. Once she earns a title and only then will she be bred and only with the best of the best. (so that might mean none of my stallions) But now that im just rambling ill stop. sorry for such a long post.

Seeing how foal crops are not being sold like i would like to see them I will be changing my monthly crops to by monthly. I am also selling some adult APH and British Warmbloods (all foundations). It is not fair to them that they are not being used so I'm selling them to make room for other horses.  

    Horses for Sale

    None right now.

    About Me:

    Hi my name is Danielle. (Dani for short) I'm 25 married and have 2 wonderful boys. I love horses & sims 3 so when horses came to the sims 3 I was extremely happy and excited. So it took me a while to get this site set up since I have a busy home life. But here is my ranch hope you enjoy it tons. =) So have fun and happy simming! 

    This is strictly for role playing.
                 And lastly:
    I do not condone breeding and selling of animals. Adopt pets from the shelter that need forever loving homes. =) 


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