As of now almost all of my horse profile pages are up and running!!!!! FINALLY I know lol. How ever they still need photos.
I got some photos of my broodmare barn up under facilities. Be sure to check em out and I hope you guys like it. That lot took me months to finish! 
AMEC Forbidden Vanity has been entered in her first show ever! We are now awaiting results yay. 

As far as anything else goes I still have a lot of things left to do. I made no progress today since I was really busy in real life but I going to work on my last few horse profile pages tonight before I head off to bed. (only have 3 left now) 

I have been slowly working on a few things on my major to do list that just seems to keep piling up on me ahhhh. But I would like to announce that I have become partners with Echo Valley Arabian's! And now I'm slowly working on my profile pages again! I honestly think i have found something that i like for them! there not to long and theres not really much info on there that is pointless lol. But anyways I hope that what you guys do see you like so far. I'm going to be working at it over the next few day in hopes of completing all of them! As of now i have 7 pages almost done as of so here i will make a not of things that need to be done like as of forever ago!!!

My to do List....

Still working on getting everything set up on my website and my new website. Real life caught up with me. My family and I are working on finding a new house to move to while looking for a house to buy. (we need a cheaper rent so we can save money)  I have been slightly active on the new forum but not so much how ever with me being less active things with my horses have been slacking. I have a few lot requests from a friend that she asked me to do on top of me trying to build new one for myself. I also want to create a new world for myself and put my old one up for download. But....that will have to wait or a bit. I have a new system for requesting lots as well you can see it under my Requests page. And one of my BFF's have agreed to help me out with horses to so she is now the co-owner of my stables with her husband. (sims hubby) She lives right next door to me so its kind of fun to be able to hang out and talk sims with her lol. We also have a few new comers to the ranch as well. I made a few new foundation horses. So I'm officially announcing that I will be breeding Marwari's now along with my Arabian's,  Hanoverian's and occasional British Warmblood. You can see some photos of them below along with some other GREAT news. (LOTS of photos)  Be warned we have a new bouncing baby and he is definitely a huge cuteness overload! Don't say I didn't warn you O.O Also want to say i have a poll at the end of all this new info about my Marwari's please help me I would really like some input on it.

I would like to start off saying to everyone happy new year! i have most of my broodmare profile photos taken. FINALLY!!! i also have gotten a new logo yay it's about time i know. I love how simple the new logo is thanks to ISHR@Equus! I will be adding this to all of my new photos. and i will also be adding this to my winter blankets for adults and foals. This will also be added to saddle pads for competitions. Many many thanks to you ISHR. =) With the new year coming ther will be another foal crop. this should be done tomorrow (i hope). I have stated this before but foal crops are by monthly now meaning that there will be no crop for February. If you would like a foal in between foal cops you may do a breeding request between 2 of

Yes you read correctly all horse profile pages are being re done and getting photos updated please be patient  with me during this time as i will also be trying to get 2 building requests done and finishing up my performance and horses in training site (a branch of AMEC) so this may take some time. I did how ever get an admin for the new site so i dont have so much to do around here as it seems like work is never done! so with this said here is the list that is going to be done. Ant it will be done in order. (sorry for the wait on new babies and adult horses)
  • Do the 2 building requests i have (that will be done today) *DONE*
  • Take new photos of all the horses. 
  • Photo shop my competition photos (there are A LOT of them that need to be done so when i get tired of taking photos and building i will work on these in between) i have 2 photos done...
  • Get foals and horses to there new owners *DONE*
  • Work on the new layout of the horses profiles (stud/broodmare/foals and yearlings pages remove horses in training and performance horses) this will take some time (Breeding Section almost done have 4 stallion profiles to go) 
  • Work on the new site (finish horse profiles there and some small things here and there)
  • Work on moving horses and sims around in AMEC (move them to proper lots/worlds) this is about 1/2 way done lol i have moved the horses in training and performance horses to there new wold just need to set them up on lots i moved some horses around the breeding section as well i need to get foals on there lot and yearlings (i have none right now on the main lot)
  • Build a few new facilities for AMEC's move for the performance horses and horses in training *WIP*
  • Make custom Nameplates for all my horses stalls
  • Make custom Nameplate halters for all my horses
So now with all of this said I will have a lot to do over the next few days/week(s). In other news here is a new foundation Arabian mare. I was just going to use her in my new save for seasons but she was toooooo pretty not to add to my Arabian babies =). Her name is Lilly at this point she does not have a show name so anyone have any ideas feel free to share them with me please. (im thinking an Arabic name so ill have to look on the internet haha) vBut she's soooooo pretty and i plan on entering her in 3 halter shows over the next few weeks. Since this mare will be a performance only mare. Once she earns a title and only then will she be bred and only with the best of the best. (so that might mean none of my stallions) But now that im just rambling ill stop. sorry for such a long post.

Seeing how foal crops are not being sold like i would like to see them I will be changing my monthly crops to by monthly. I am also selling some adult APH and British Warmbloods (all foundations). It is not fair to them that they are not being used so I'm selling them to make room for other horses.  
A building request i did for someone enjoy
so to get everyone up to speed on my happenings...STILL trying to get my sims to run correctly on my laptop =( after almost 2 weeks of not really being able to play i was able to get my photos for my show and there are other shows that i want to enter a few horses in but i have to hope that my game will work with me to do that i have 3 building requests that have also been postponed b/c of my sims game not working and im sorry for those of you that are waiting patiently with me while i fix my borked up game.

so more news from my real life. my sons 4th b-day is coming up on the 30th and my hubby is out of state for 2 weeks for testing to get a certification for his job =( i miss him and hes been gone since sunday. i finally ordered my tablet and i should have it tomorrow YAY cant wait for that! 

even more news lol. this is more for you guys since i cant play sims on my laptop and im fixing things on it im currently working on a new world! im doing this on our desktop since it runs really bad on my laptop while im converting files for the sims. (so yes i am multi tasking lol)  on down side to this world will not be released for a really long time its a huge project going on (i am building every single lot myself) also i want to incorporate seasons stuff into it as well. so the main EP that will be needed to run this world is all of them (sorry to those of you who dont have them all) this world is huge! its going to have a beach area with a major city/clubs (stuff from Late Night) then its going to have a little secluded area for supernatural sims (you will need Supernatural for this) of course it will have a ranch area (since i will be moving there so you will need Pets) some items in the world itself will be from World Adventures so you will need that and im also building lots with buildings (rabbit holes) from Show Time and since i recently got Sunlit Tides and Hidden Springs there will be lots from them to. all in all i think once this world is done it will be AMAZING! just looking at it now and they way i have it pictured in my head it looks great lol (guess that dont mean it will come out like that) i will make sure that i do however leave lots empty for those of you that will down load it so you can build your own things once i have senery and all my painting done i will post some photos to see what you guys think. im really excited hope you guys are as well! 
So I only had time to enter Raven in the halter show i wanted to enter Corky and Snow in there too but I'm too tired. I have been trying for days to fix my sims game. It's slowly getting there! YAY on another note I will be updating all horse profiles and then taking a small break for a few weeks. My husband is going away for 2 weeks for testing for his job and while hes gone i will be working on creating another world for my facilities. (i'm getting bored with Oakland Meadows) I will only be away for a short time I will have Nov. Foal Crop. So don't worry! Nov. will only be Arabians and Hanoverians we have a 1st time mommy AMEC Black Beauty we will be breeding her with AMEC Uncork the Magic. If anyone would like another breed feel free to send in your request. December we might have a few new mommies =). UAS Roya is going to be of age to start breeding. (not really sure if i will breed her)  And a few others will be able to breed. I hope to buy a few new Hanoverians. I would really like to have at least 1-2 more mares(only have 2 broodmares) and 2 more stallions (only have 1 stud 2 colts) Well guys im going to set up Ravens page up with his new photos. feel free to stop by his page and check them out. Hope everyone who bought a baby from me this month is enjoying their new additions

it seems like no matter how hard i try to get everything up to date on my site i just cant seem to do it grrrrr im slowly getting there but its like i get the foal crop posted for a month then i have to edit coats take photos get all that up and then its time to sell them and i have to up date all of that stuff and then...shows that i have entered are over and i have to update horse profiles for them and i still have to get updated photos of all my babies that have aged up (and its a good few of them) and i will say to everyone that has sold me babies they grew up amazing! so with all of this out i have been sick for the past week and a half so that dont help for getting things done. and yesterday i spent my whole day cleaning taking care of my boys and then cooking dinner and on top of all of that my dog thought it would be a good idea to go for a run arounf the i had to spend my night trying to catch her so i had one hell of a day yesterday and i have a house/barn request i need to do for someone and my laptop charger broke the other day =( but good news i bought one off newegg and its on its way (from over it will take a few weeks) so im taking this day to catch up on things on my website (im on my hubbys desktop) so no sims for me today untill later tonight when he gets home =)  

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