Amy has always had a hard life. Always having to make decisions and sacrifices, even though she was unsure of the outcome. The decisions she has to make through out her journey are not always the best . But she feels they will help her in her future! 

       Amy has decided that it would be in the best interest for the financial aspect to go off to university and further her education. The stables income has been steadily dropping. And her and Ty have been having a really hard time gaining anything! So Amy has to make a life changing decision. Will she go and risk losing everything or will she stay and watch everything slowly slip through her fingertips?

       She knows she can't just sit back and watch everything go downhill any longer. She has put her foot down and has made yet another sacrifice in her life. This is one that may haunt her for the rest of her life. Crushed and hurt Amy just know's that this is what has to happen! It is now that she has to take a stand.

       Amy has to give up the stable life that she has always known, to go off to the school life. One she has never been very good at, simply because she always found herself easily distracted by everything around her. In the end Amy has made the decision to major in Business and Science and Medicine, two major degrees! This will be something she will have to work extremely hard on if she wants to succeed.

       This will be her story of blood, sweat and tears! You will read about every gain and fail, heartache and new love. Her journey will have many ups and downs and is not for the faint of heart. She will most definitely have a rough road ahead of her. The only thing she keeps asking herself is . . .Will it all be worth it in the end? No one really knows not even her.


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